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perez hilton is scum and idk why people like celebrities and producers encourage and put up with his crap he is trash


okay but why don’t more people talk about Night at the Museum like


poc characters and people being portrayed by poc people


this movie is so good


and it has one of the funniest, best, most ridiculous friendships in movie history


and you have Robin Williams as Teddy Roosevelt I mean


and if all that didn’t convince you there’s also a t-Rex skeleton that plays fetch with one of its own ribs



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BATMAN  Terry Mcginnis

I just wanna have some fun, don’t tell me what can’t be done

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Choose the Musketeers and you choose oblivion.

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when you click the “lowest to highest price” option on a shopping website and the lowest price is $50



Pixar can never top this.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the best loved line from this movie comes from a character we never even got to see?

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if you’re a s t r o n g f e m a l e you don’t need permission

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when a shopping site doesn’t have a “lowest to highest price” option i cry inside

zach never failing to look incredibly attractive while up for eviction

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I don’t even know what clan you’re from

Chris Pratt has no limits.

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